3 Effective Strategies to Meet Your Treatment Goals for Anxiety

Almost one in three Americans will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Almost 20% of Americans have anxiety in any given year. 

With anxiety being such a major issue in the United States, the question arises of how to deal with it. Is there a cure for anxiety? Not really. For some people, anxiety is a temporary issue. They overcome it, or the stressor that caused the anxiety goes away and takes the anxiety with it.

For many others, it's not that easy. They might have anxiety about any number of things, and it doesn't seem to let up. The good news is that there are ways to meet treatment goals for anxiety. We'll discuss some of them here.

1. Stay Informed

They say that knowing is half the battle, and that's very true for anxiety. Learning how the various types of anxiety disorders work can help you understand your condition and how to more easily navigate it.

A good example of this is Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as Social Phobia. Social Phobia is among the most common psychological disorders in the world, and it comes in a few different forms. 

The most common form of Social Phobia is Glossophobia, which is a fear of public speaking. While most people show some uneasiness toward public speaking, many are crippled by this fear. Knowing what it is you fear can help you better handle your symptoms.

2. Exercise

Staying active might sound like a strange way to manage anxiety, but it works. Exercise has been clinically proven to decrease the number of stress hormones in our bodies and improve our mood. 

Sometimes, reducing anxiety is as easy as going for a jog. While it isn't a solution by itself, one of your treatment goals for anxiety might be to work out more. 

3. Breathing Exercises

Trying to keep anxiety at bay is one thing, but what do you do in the moment? One of the best anxiety management tips we can offer is to try breathing exercises.

Breathing exercises and their effects are hard to study, so most of the evidence we have for them working is anecdotal. Still, some people swear by them, and maybe they're right.

The most well-known breathing technique for anxiety is known as the 4-7-8 method. It consists of a deep breath through the nose for 4 seconds, holding it for 7 seconds, then breathing out through the mouth for eight seconds. 

Meeting Treatment Goals for Anxiety

Those going to counseling with nervous issues will be given certain treatment goals for anxiety. We've talked a bit about how to deal with anxiety and meet these treatment goals, but the key thing to remember is to work at it. Anxiety can be beaten, but it's a process and you'll need to commit to fighting it.

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